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Learn what’s normal, what’s not, and who to go to for help after giving birth. Hear from trusted experts and find advice that’s supported by science on topics including


Find the support you need, when you need it most. Get matched with postpartum health specialists including

Therapists specializing in perinatal mental health
Lactation consultants
Pelvic floor physical therapists
Doulas & postpartum doula
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I found pretty much everything about becoming a mother overwhelming. It was such a relief to be able to use one place (MamaMend) as a source of truth for all issues postpartum. In particular, being able to consult trustworthy content related to postpartum anxiety and depression made me feel less alone, less confused, and more hopeful. Thank you MamaMend for helping me cut through the noise and misinformation circulating all around, and for giving me with the right information at the right time (and succinctly).
- Mary A.
A few days after delivering my third baby, I had a weird new-to-me concern about my body. Because I had been reading MamaMend, I quickly realized I needed to see a pelvic floor PT to understand what was going on. MamaMend then easily connected me to a great provider in the area. Seeing her so quickly after delivery helped me accept the changes to my postpartum body. It also gave me confidence that I would be able to do things like go running again if I followed my training plan.
- Zohar S.
This is exactly the kind of information that needs to be given to women. If I had known there was actually a name for what I was experiencing, I could have explained it better and even worked through it!
- Kirstie B.