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What are Plugged Ducts?


April 9, 2019

For many, breastfeeding is not as easy and natural as it’s made out to be. It can be painful and challenging, and there are a number of potential complications. One of the most common breastfeeding complications is plugged milk ducts.

What’s a plugged milk duct?

Milk ducts are little tubes that carry breast milk from the glandular tissue (where milk is made) to the nipple. Each breast has 15-30 of these, so they’re really tiny. When these tubes get clogged or kinked (like a hose), pressure can build and it can cause pretty intense pain.

How do I know if I have a plugged milk duct?

First of all, the pain! These nasties are notoriously painful. They usually show up as hard section or lump in your breast, which is sometimes red and hot. If you have other symptoms like a fever, talk to a doctor to rule out mastitis, which is an infection in the breast tissue.

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