Postpartum Rehabilitation Program

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Our personalized 12-week postpartum rehabilitation program offers new mothers weekly exercises and guidance on how to strengthen your pelvic floor and recover from birth from a licensed physical therapist and pelvic floor specialist.

Carolyn Yates

Dr. Carolyn Yates, DPT


12 weeks of personalized guided exercises


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Created by a licensed PT

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Carolyn not only helped w[ith] my pelvic floor postpartum - she got me ready to get back to running through strength and activation exercises. Post baby body is NO JOKE - it takes time to heal but with the right support - you can come back stronger and better than ever!
- Mary

Week 1 Sneak Peak

Exercises summary

Supine Hypopressives

6 days; 1 set of 5 repetitions/day with breath holds of up to 6 seconds

  • Lying on your back and feet flat on the floor.
  • Do one deep belly breath. On your exhale, start pulling up and in with your belly. Once you have fully exhaled, close your mouth, plug your nose, and try to inhale through your nose. This will create a “suction” and help pull your abdominals up and in more.
  • Focus on pulling the bottom of your ribcage out and sucking up and under your ribs.
  • Hold your breath for up to 6 seconds and then take a large belly breath inhale and really feel the expansion of your belly.
  • As you are holding your breath, and pulling your abdominals up and in, also add a gentle pull up and in of your pelvic floor muscles.
Exercise demonstration
Exercise demonstration