Our Vision

The year or so after having a baby can be one of the most difficult and isolating times in a woman's life. While both moms and dads cope with sleepless nights and the stress of keeping a tiny human alive, mothers also have to deal with recovering physically from childbirth, breastfeeding, and hormone levels that are way out of wack.

Postpartum health issues are widespread. Postpartum depression occurs at rates as high as 1 in 5. More than half of new mothers experience pelvic injury or dysfunction as a result of childbirth. Pain while breastfeeding is so common that it’s the #1 reason why women choose to stop.

While there are resources focused on this, like lactation consultants and pelvic floor physical therapists, many women have no idea they exist and are not getting enough support from their doctors.

MamaMend is bridging that gap by helping women navigate the postpartum period and answering questions like "is this normal" and "how can I get this treated".

Our Story

After having a baby and struggling through a long postpartum recovery, Sara felt completely in the dark about what was going on with her body.

After talking to other new moms, she realized that almost every mom she knew had some kind of undiagnosed or untreated issue.

So she made it her mission to arm postpartum women with knowledge that's relevant and actionable. And that's how MamaMend was born.

Our Team

Sara Bates

Sara Bates

Co-founder, CEO

Jona Bates

Jon Bates

Co-founder, CTO