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Our mission is to help new mothers get the high-quality professional care they need after childbirth.

What we do

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The Problem

Maternal morbidities affect over 90% of women during the first year after childbirth.

However, many women do not seek professional help due to barriers such as lack of knowledge about post-childbirth morbidities and available treatment, stigma associated with morbidities, and difficulty accessing care.

The Solution

MamaMend is a digital health platform for new mothers and maternal health practitioners. Our personalized, evidence-based recovery guide helps new mothers overcome the barriers to seeking and getting care, and increases the accessibility, availability, and utilization of these services.

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From the CEO

The inspiration for MamaMend came after I gave birth to my daughter. Throughout my pregnancy, it was important to me to stay very informed. I read all the books, had 3 different pregnancy apps on my phone, and always came prepared with questions for my prenatal appointments. But after I gave birth, I felt completely overwhelmed and in the dark about what I was experiencing during recovery. The apps and books focused on child development milestones, and I had no resources to learn if what I was going through was normal. It took me 2 months of excruciating pain before I finally discovered pelvic floor physical therapy. And it wasn’t until my second child was born, over two years later, that I learned about postpartum anxiety. This lack of information and disconnect between mothers and trained providers is unacceptable and women deserve better.

These experiences were the spark that inspired MamaMend. Over 90% of women experience post-birth complications and there are few resources available to help them find the help they need. The fragmented nature of the postpartum health and wellness space and its dependency on word-of-mouth make it difficult for women to seek and access care. By bringing together information about complications and the treatments available, we are informing mothers and empowering them to get the treatment they deserve.

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Sara Bates
CEO & Co-founder

The Team



Sara Bates
Sara Bates, CEO
Jon Bates
Jon Bates, CTO

Maternal Health Experts & Advisors

Julie Ciecior
Julie Ciecior, MA, LPC
Emeline Mugisha
Emeline Mugisha, MSN, MPH, RN
Dr. Kimberly Langdon, MD
Dr. Kimberly Langdon, MD
Dr. Amanda Gotschall
Dr. Amanda Gotschall, DPT
Andrea Tran
Andrea Tran, RN, MA, IBCLC
Nicole Arzt
Nicole Arzt, MS, LMFT